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Change is the only constant

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Thursday, March 31, 2011, In : Chuuk 

No matter where we seem to go, which port we land ourselves in, the procedures differ just enough to be confusing....Chuuk proving no exception to the rule.

Having tried to raise Port Control on Channel 16 as we entered Chuuk Lagoon and having had no response we thought it prudent to head to the harbour first thing after our arrival (a Sunday mind you) to advise of our presence.

Not knowing exactly how far Weno Harbour was we decided to hire a scooter from the Resort (cheap and easy travel ...

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Kavieng to Chuuk (The path of least resistance)

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Thursday, March 31, 2011, In : Chuuk 

Sometimes it's no use fighting things you can't control....The wind being foremost in my mind.

We set out from Kavieng on the 16th of March after waiting all morning for the weather to clear (no point starting out wet) and soon found that our preferred course to the Hermits then on to Palau was somewhat a physical impossibility. We had a strong north easterly, easterly waves and a head current of about one knot making sailing not only uncomfortable but painfully slow (Hafskip doesn't really l...

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PNG in a nutshell - for fellow sailors

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, In : Papua New Guinea 

Where we went: taken:

Samarai, Discovery Bay, Alotau, Byron Island, Kitava, Kiriwina, Lae, Salamau, Gasmata, Rabaul, Kavieng

Water and Weather:

La Nina was in full effect throughout the trip with NE Monsoon transition weather until we left Rabaul! The entire country was experiencing lower than average rainfall and the trade-winds failed to manifest with any consistency until Mid February. This resulted in quite a few dead calm days on the Solomon Sea and some freakishly squally weather on t...

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Onwards and upwards

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Monday, March 7, 2011, In : Papua New Guinea 

4th March 2011

We've been in Rabaul for over a month now! Who'd have thought it? In this time we've ordered a new autopilot rudder, new cushions for the cockpit, installed a capacitor for the generator twice, sewn up a few holes in the sails, tightened the propellor shaft, bought a few fan belts (gotta have those spares), consumed way too many beers and found bones in a sunken American fighter plane.

Not to mention the Sunday drives to local mountain rivers and day sails to nearby islands wi...

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Additional crew :-)

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Monday, March 7, 2011, In : Papua New Guinea 

24th February 2011

We've had a visitor on board for almost a week now. Erika, Ralph's Mum arrived on the 16th of February and has been with getting accustomed to boat life...we've dragged her around Kokopo and the Rabaul market...made her climb up and down jetties and transom boards... repair our rather sad and sorry Bavarian flag...scale locally speared fish and sweat out the mercilessly still, hot nights that only the tropics can manifest. She coped with all of this brilliantly and looked m...

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Bones from Davey Jones

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Monday, March 7, 2011, In : Papua New Guinea 

18th February 2011

With the Zero still in progress attention recently has been turned to an American Fighter plane (an Avenger).... there's not much to speak of left under sea really....just a few lumps and bumps. Although the cockpit is still identifiable and reasonably intact! So the potential to uncover and identify the pilot and crew is high!....So efforts over the last week have focussed on dredging enough of the cockpit away so as to be able to reach inside.

Ralph's been slightly on the...

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Ground Zero

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Monday, March 7, 2011, In : Papua New Guinea 

10th FEBRUARY 2011

I don’t think Ralph’s missed a day out on Rods boat yet…..even with an infected coral cut that he doesn’t want to get wet he’s been on-board operating the dredger while others have been below water.

Rod has a little extra help right at the moment… and we have new neighbours. A young French couple Michael and Marie with their 2 young children on the yacht Ilo, have joined the race to free the Zero from its muddy grave. Well actually, more Michael than Marie as Ma...

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