In our haste of late….I have omitted a description of this amazing place, and it does warrant some attention.

Palau is a truly beautiful place and physically quite distinct from its Micronesian neighbors.  Whilst palm studded beaches are in abundance, even more abundant are the startling limestome islands, known as the Rock Islands.

These islands offer some of the most beautiful cruising opportunities we have encountered. Crystal clear, turquoise waters and secluded, sheltered anchorages make for some pretty damn amazing sailing and a great break from the sometimes public existence one leads on a yacht in the pacific. You see these islands are basically uninhabited so you are in no way likely to get ‘canoed’ or even observed! About the only threat to your privacy once tucked away in the islands is the odd dive boat or tourist boat, the latter providing the most direct assault on your senses as Japanese tourists can often be a tad noisy.

By virtue of its location and relationship to the States, Palau is also an extremely ‘easy’ place to reside (especially if you’re an American), most things are available to the cruiser and if you can’t find it locally, you can always get it sent from the US thanks to the wonders of the US postal Service within record time. We scored a bargain basement Autopilot and definitely haven’t looked back since.

The diving also deserves a mention, despite the fact that this is really the main reason most people flock to this place. It is diverse as it is exciting…great drop offs, walls, wrecks…you name it it’s there.

About the only thing you won’t see a lot of in Palau are Palauans. The population of Palau is approximately 21,000, of whom 70% are native Palauans, but if you’re wandering around town the majority of people working are from the Phillippines…in fact if you want anything done…they’re the ones who’ll more than likely do it!

I realize this is a scanty appraisal of such a fabulous place but really if you want to know more about Palau…just go! After all if you’re in the North Pacific it’s merely a hop, step or a jump from anywhere.