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Leaving Weno

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, In : Chuuk 

April 8th 2011

Strangely enough we managed to escape Chuuk with no further overtime payments to either Customs or Immigration, a small wait of course, for the pleasure of their company but at least no additional donations to the education funds of their children. Unfortunately we were not so fortunate with the Port Authority. We were charged a $25 dollar fee to moor alongside in the harbour (Customs requirement), a $25.00 entry fee and a whopping $135.00 for anchorage, a grand total of $185....

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Another port... another part

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Wednesday, April 6, 2011, In : Chuuk 

There's definitely a few similarities between PNG and Chuuk... the largest being, the impact of western colonisation (in this case, American). Poor ol' Weno suffers badly from an array of western concepts... like unemployment, homelessness, alcohol abuse, STDs, petty crime, American pancake mix, Californian vegetables (not much is grown and sold locally).....and the list goes. It makes a stark contrast to the beauty of the surrounds.

It also suffers from corrupt and self serving bureaucratic ...

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Change is the only constant

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Thursday, March 31, 2011, In : Chuuk 

No matter where we seem to go, which port we land ourselves in, the procedures differ just enough to be confusing....Chuuk proving no exception to the rule.

Having tried to raise Port Control on Channel 16 as we entered Chuuk Lagoon and having had no response we thought it prudent to head to the harbour first thing after our arrival (a Sunday mind you) to advise of our presence.

Not knowing exactly how far Weno Harbour was we decided to hire a scooter from the Resort (cheap and easy travel ...

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Kavieng to Chuuk (The path of least resistance)

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Thursday, March 31, 2011, In : Chuuk 

Sometimes it's no use fighting things you can't control....The wind being foremost in my mind.

We set out from Kavieng on the 16th of March after waiting all morning for the weather to clear (no point starting out wet) and soon found that our preferred course to the Hermits then on to Palau was somewhat a physical impossibility. We had a strong north easterly, easterly waves and a head current of about one knot making sailing not only uncomfortable but painfully slow (Hafskip doesn't really l...

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