20th April 2011

With the wind still not as strong as we'd like it our passage on from Puluwat was not so speedy, in fact a shocking 70 miles a day! But at least we were sailing and not motoring! Nonetheless a break was in order to ensure we didn't burn ourselves out too much.

You have to remember we are without an autopilot and with the wind coming predominantly from behind 'Steve String' was little use to us....so it was hand steering all the way and vigilant steering at that to ensure we could keep the sails full enough to propel us in the 2-3 metre waves... exhaustion became a significant factor in our trip planning...on a couple of occasions we simply 'hove to' and fell into a coma despite the massive swell and slept for a couple of hours....so the possibility of an overnight stop at another wee lagoon was eagerly anticipated!

And a wee stop we had... anchored safely in a wide (somewhat exposed) lagoon nestled between frigging reefs off a genuine deserted island....at least it was deserted until another yacht turned up...would you believe it? The middle of nowhere and we end up with neighbours. No matter, our visitors simply stopped to stretch their legs and were up and out before we'd even blinked...or at least before we'd finished eating the cake and scones I'd baked.

Refreshed, we followed suit...off out of the lagoon albeit heading in the opposite direction...not before Ralph was able to wrestle onboard a massive Dogtooth tuna. His third fish since entering this little enclave....2 on the way in and another monster on the way out!!!

Lucky we like sashmi.