Well we’re free…. As much of the critical work that needed to be done while Hafskip was on hard stand has been done! 7 straight days of hard labour! Lost a lot of sweat and scratched a lot of mosquito and midge bites in the process but it does feel good to have had the chance to get underneath our boat and know her a little more intimately.

We had more that we would have liked to have finished but given how tricky it can be to sand, grind, drill, solder, thread wiring, mount stainless steel poles and paint either above your head or hanging over a safety rail amidst anti-foul dust, metal filings and sticky mangrove weather….I think we made an absolutely super-human effort to get as far as we did.

There’s still some final installation of the radar, solar panels, wind generator and storage shelving to go but that can be done back on the mooring. Gotta say though, that this not necessarily without challenges….all the wiring has to be laid under internal panels covered with insulation next to the hull on the inside and this is both messy and frustrating, but as per usual Ralph’s on top of it (or maybe more appropriately, underneath it)….finding some innovative solutions to some seriously ‘pain in the ass’ problems.  

Ahhh the joys of sailing….

But I’ve gotta say…it feels good to be back in the water!