After nearly a month on the mooring we’ve finally made it into Dry dock. This is where the work really starts!

Hafskip is in desperate need of an antifoul and we’ve had to wait for a high enough tide to get us into Edges Boatyard. I don’t think we really appreciated this until we actually navigated the narrow channel through the mangroves to get there, at one point there was no more than 10 centimetres under the hull…but Ralph kept his cool and we gently docked in the tiny slipway (think he may have lost a few fingernails though).

It’s an amazing thing to watch such a large, heavy thing being lifted into the air and driven to it’s hard stand….but it’s done now and armed with grinder, paint scraper and sander the work begins. The only catch being….we have to get it all done while the tides are still high enough for us to get out again.