December 30th 2010

We’ve made a bit of progress finally on our patch-ups. Yesterday saw our parts ordered and our stanchions repaired. We’re still climbing in and out of the cabin over our partially lifted engine but with any luck the parts should arrive in another 5 or so days which means we’ll be getting things back to normal. We’ve also managed a shit load of washing (clean sheets…YAY), have started to re-provision the boat and have been able to rest quite well at night courtesy of a new fan!... so aside from spending a tad too much time in the bar (there’s bugger all else to do)…we’re clean, well fed and well rested.

We’re both feeling it’s time to move on but at least we’re taking the opportunity to plan the next few legs of our journey and fix as much as we can on the boat. We’ve a new auto-pilot rudder being made and have a new hatch underway as well (a bit vital that one). I’m probably most excited about the rudder…it’ll mean we get to take a break from hand steering from time to time, which ultimately means more bunk time on passage and less callouses on my hands…bring that shit on!