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Christmas Orphans

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Monday, December 27, 2010, In : Papua New Guinea 

We were adopted for Christmas…A generous ex-pat who’s been in PNG for nearly 20 years simply approached us in the bar and extended an offer to join her and her friends for the day….so we were picked up in the pouring rain and ferried across to her mates place out at 19 mile (incidentally that’s both a suburb and the distance from town). Turns out her mate runs the largest security company in PNG and his property also housed over 400 security dogs… a huge breeding and training facili...

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Steppin' out in Lae

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Friday, December 24, 2010, In : Papua New Guinea 

Gear box out (and this time Ralph didn’t have to do it…YAY), damage assessed….bank trip undertaken and supermarket visited…so we have money, fresh food, phone credits, a basic internet connection and are a step closer to resolving our gear box dilemma.

We’ve had an amazing amount of assistance from the yacht club. I’ve even had a driver and security escort to go shopping…yes a security escort! What a strange sensation that is. This time of year is the worst apparently (with the...

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