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Posted by ralph kluge on Wednesday, August 11, 2010, In : Airlie Days 

Monday was a big swell day.. ever watched your rubber duck throw itself against the side of your bath when you move in the water…. Imagine being inside the duck!  

With Ralph playing in the bilge again, add diesel fumes to some pretty unpredictable swaying and bobbing the inevitable result is a pretty queasy stomach.

As fortune would have it I had an optometrist appointment so headed for shore for a couple of hours leaving Ralph in the fumes and swell. Luckily Ralph’s stomach appears be...

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Trailer Trash to Yachtie

Posted by Penny Goldfinch on Tuesday, August 10, 2010, In : Airlie Days 

Well we’ve made it to Airlie Beach and have the keys to our boat…OMG! WE made it!!!

Now to get stuff on board...

That’s not quite as simple as you might think as we’re out on a mooring (about a 5 minute tender trip out from the marina) and at this stage we don’t have a fully inflated tender or fuel…hmmm. So after a wee bit of pumping and fuel transfer we have our independence (very handy if you’re more than a paddle out of the marina) and get ready to motor into the public p...

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