Thought it was time to take stock of all that has been achieved and that which remains to be done!

You may remember our exceptionally long list of things to do, check and buy…well somehow (almost magically) the list increased…. You see when you start with the ‘lets antifoul the boat’ point on the list there lies beneath it a range of sub categories and points that need to be attended to at the same time. Similarly the ‘let’s install additional solar panels and radar equipment’ combine together to make a wiring and cable festival of insulfluff that in turn creates its own range of tasks.

The degree of difficulty factor also plays its part…. Trying to rewire/solder/drill/screw in a bobbing steel drum inevitably slows the process down as well (really don’t know how Ralph manages it sometimes).

So rather than make excuses…what have we actually achieved from our initial list?

Here goes…the boat has been antifouled, the rust treated (that’s a never ending battle), the radar installed, radio and solar wiring installed, the new compass and fluxgate capacitor (how ‘Back to the future’ is that) has been installed and calibrated, we have visas organised, a larger capacity diesel tank installed for both the engine and generator (including access point through the cockpit), the engine has a new water pump and alternator, the generator leak has been fixed, the bow has shelves for storage (still need more damn it), the cockpit has a new cover, our health checks have been done (including dentist visits), all our vaccinations are nearly done with and all the boat transfer of registration etc. have been completed…. There’s actually been more done but that’s the big stuff

So are we ready to weigh anchor yet??

Well not quite….

We are currently without sail…  we had it checked out, thinking it was the safe thing to do and as it turns out it was! We are now waiting for a brand new mainsail to be made for Hafskip. Apparently the other one was pretty much cactus, so I’m glad we got it checked out before we left.

We also need to sell Ralph’s car… It’s been an absolute godsend, but it’s now time to say goodbye to the last bastion of ‘land living’ we possess.

With any luck though we’re getting closer……