We have wiring!! And it’s connected!! Our brand new and rather spectacular Lowrance broadband radar is up and running!!!

Sonar is connected as well and our new charts are locked and loaded. It’s a damn incredible piece of technology… the radar can be superimposed on charts, so not only can you see what’s out there, you can see where it is on a chart.

The display lets you split the screen and watch the sonar at the same time… so you get a very cool submarine ‘ping’ thing going on as a potential meal swims underneath the boat.

Abso-bloody-lutely incredible!

Also incredible has been the process of piecing it all together, it’s not just laying cables…they have been threaded through hull entry points and run along the hull behind wall and ceiling panels stuffed with insulation. This has meant pulling down the interconnected panels (yes, you take down one…you take down many) and threading cables from one end of the boat to other. A process that was further frustrated by some of the cables not quite long enough to reach their end point…so Ralph has been soldering wires together and making junction boxes…all in tight spots he could barely fit in!

If you believed the marketing material you’d think these amazing nautical tools installed themselves….but I can tell you from experience that it actually takes a Ralph!All of the rest of the wiring for the radio and solar panels are also laid which means we now have all in place and our ceilings back….now for the tidy up!!!!!!