While we can we’ve been charging up our poor drained batteries with some free Yacht Club juice we’ve been moored next to Rod’s Boat ‘The Barbarian’ for the last couple of days. It’s been quite pleasant to simply step off the boat and head out whenever we like and stroll up to the Yacht Club and back whenever we feel like some company or a beer.

Courtesy of a night time visitor however our little powered holiday has had a slight change in plan and process….

Yet again we were oblivious… Sleeping blissfully while Rod woke up to a couple of men on his boat…by the time he’d woken and dressed they had pretty much skedaddled, although he did catch sight of one fella standing alongside Hafskip….just about to step on or off we don’t know….

So rather than be sorry we’ve gone back to anchoring in the harbour (after dark) and locking everything away at night…including padlocking our precious tender to the boat as well!