Strange as it may sound…it would appear my wardrobe is inadequate!!

You see I have loads of shorts… loads of strappy tops…but they are all a tad inappropriate….well the tops are ok actually (aside from the fact they end up drenched within a few minutes of putting them on and you end up scorched immediately), but the shorts….they are a no go!

Ya see according to the PNG version of modesty It’d be fine to walk around topless, but the upper thigh and ass are definite no nos… so loose pants, skirts and long shorts are in order…and strangely enough I don’t have enough of these….So it’s off to the local second hand store we go.

New clothes are few and far between round here but there are quite a few second hand stores…As far as I can gather the locals purchase (or are given…not sure which) clothes by the tonne from the Salvation Army or St. Vinnies stores in Australia and then sell them on to the locals…. Fabulous….always did love a good second hand store.