We're off to experience the world and see what it is we can contribute to it. As we travel we'll be looking for opportunities to participate in local communities and development projects where we feel we're able to be of assistance.

Hafskip is our means of exploring the wonders of the globe and sharing it with all those who choose to dip there feet in the water with us.

Feel free to have a browse round.... we'll be slowly adding more as our journey commences, our knowledge expands and our experiences grow.

But first....what on earth is a "Hafskip"???

At least that was our first thought!

Our first research uncovered an Icelandic national scandal... 'Hafskip' was a shipping line that went broke (aka sunk) amidst an enormous political storm (some say involving the mafia)!!!

Now who on earth would want to name their boat after that!?!...clearly the name Titanic was already taken!!

But now....having researched a little further....

the name of our boat seems so much more fitting....

You see 'Hafskip' basically means 'Ocean-going' vessel. Such ships were used by Scandinavian sea merchants (code for Vikings) around 900-1200AD. 

As a merchant vessel, it was primarily built for the transportation of cargo, it was shorter in the beam than the 'langskip' (or longship) with a deeper draft and a higher freeboard to keep waves from washing over the side. This meant the 'Hafskip' was capable of longer voyages in varied conditions and tended to be a much more seaworthy vessel in the open seas of the north Atlantic.

So if our 'Hafskip' runs true to it's name and embodies some of that Viking nautical know-how (minus the rape and plunder of course)...it bodes well!!